About Us

Welcome to Greenswan. A family owned business that was founded in 1994.

Since 1994, Greenswan Consultants Ltd, has been providing high quality health care in the Hertfordshire area for our residents across 2 care homes. The company was set up by a businessman Mohammed Raja, who had a passion for health care and later joined by his son Faisal Raja, both are active in the business. Mohammed is the Managing Director of the company and Faisal leads all the operations of the family business.

Our philosophy focuses on our ability to provide residential and nursing care facilities for elderly people in the Hertfordshire area, helping them live their life to the full



Pinelodge Care Home, purpose-built care home, registered to provide care for 140 adults with needs ranging from residential to nursing dementia care. It boasts beautiful grounds, set in the Graveley area, surrounded by fields, and has been providing care for the past 10 ten years.



Wymondley Residential & Nursing Home is registered to provide care for 59 adults ranging with needs ranging from residential to nursing dementia. It is in a charming village in Little Wymondley in 2 acres of land, surrounded by farmland.